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The EU Blue Card targets third-country nationals who enterGermany directly from a non-EU state, who already have an EU Blue Card as a resident in another EU Member State and third-country nationals already living in Germany under a different type of residence permit may also apply for an EU Blue Card.

In short,these preconditions must be met:

- Applicants must provide proof that they have graduated from university-level studies.
- Applicants must also present an employment contract or a binding job offer with a specified minimum salary.


The Blue Card EU will initially be issued for a maximum of 4 years, or for a shorter period depending on the employment contracts. Any change of employment requires approval from the immigration services during the first two years.

A permanent resident permit will be issued after 33 months of employment at the earliest, subject to payment of contributions to the pension fund during this period, knowledge of German and other minor conditions. If language skills (level B1 or higher) can be proven, this term will be shortened to 21 months.

Extended information can be found on Make it in Germany portal

The EU Blue Card Network leaflet on Germany

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