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Start your business in the Netherlands!

A Great Idea!

A business idea deserves the best possible circumstances to turn itself into a thriving company; an environment that provides you, the entrepreneur, the best possible conditions to succeed.

The Netherlands is looking for international entrepreneurs with great ideas. The Dutch start-up permit is a new path towards permanent residency for non-EU nationals looking to start or expand a business.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

The Netherlands not only has an excellent ecosystem for start-ups, it also features an excellent standard of living.

The Netherlands is one of the founding members of the European Union and has a long history of providing safety and stability to its inhabitants. The country is a constitutional monarchy since 1815, and a parliamentary democracy since 1848.

The Netherlands is strategically positioned on Europe's North-West coast, right between two of Europe's largest economies: the United Kingdom and Germany. The Netherlands has a superior infrastructure, an attractive fiscal climate and a multilingual workforce. Ninety-five percent of Dutch adults are proficient in the English language. People are highly appreciative of other cultures.
This inspiring setting invites international entrepreneurs to come over and jump-start their business!

Start-up Permit

The Dutch government recognizes the value of start-ups for the economy and introduced a start-up permit for non-EU nationals; creating a win-win situation for both the entrepreneur and the Dutch society, especially in terms of job creation and economic growth.

The start-up permit provides an excellent opportunity to start your business under the most ideal circumstances. The permit is issued for a term of three years. Thereafter it is converted to an entrepreneur permit, which has a permanent nature.

To obtain the start-up permit, the help of a facilitator is required. Our company takes on this role.
The facilitator has the following tasks:

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business plan review;
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secure funding for first year of business, if needed;
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submit application to immigration service;
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mentor and facilitate the new company (office space, guidance etc.);

Business Plan

Every business starts with an innovative idea. You probably have one right now!

Your idea has to be turned into a business plan. A business plan is a document that describes the idea, what is required to turn it into a business and the plan explains what resources are needed to get the business operational and sustained for the first year.

You don't have to go into high detail, but you do need the give us a good understanding of your plan in order to perform a thorough feasibility study. We encourage you to follow your gut feeling in writing your business plan, rather than to follow a common template. The business plan review fee is 295 euro.


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