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Start your business in the Netherlands

Apply for a residence permit for start-ups!

Many dream of starting their own business.
This dream can now become reality with the all new Dutch Start-up Permit.

A Great Place to live and work

The Netherlands has an excellent ecosystem for start-ups and has a high standard of living.

The Netherlands is one of the founding members of the European Union and ranks 5th on the 2015 UN Human Development Index. The country has a long history of providing safety and stability to its inhabitants. It is a constitutional monarchy since 1815, and a parliamentary democracy since 1848.

The Netherlands has excellent conditions for companies, especially for start-ups. The Netherlands is strategically positioned on Europe’s North-West coast, right between two of Europe’s largest economies: The UK and Germany. The Netherlands has a superior infrastructure, an attractive fiscal climate and a multilingual workforce. 95% Of Dutch adults are proficient in the English language and there is a strong entrepreneurial spirit which shows in the large sums that are invested in established- and start-up companies.

Start-up permit

The Dutch government recognizes the value of start-ups for the economy and introduced a start-up permit for non-EU nationals. It is a win-win situation for both the entrepreneur and the Dutch society, especially in terms of job creation and economic growth.

The start-up permit provides an excellent opportunity to start your business under the most ideal circumstances. The permit is issued for a term of three years. Thereafter it is converted to an entrepreneur permit, which has a permanent nature.

To obtain the start-up permit, the help of a facilitator is required. The facilitator acts as mentor and serves to meet practical requirements, e.g. office space, paper work for the IND, chamber of commerce and Internet services. Maybe most important: the facilitator organizes funding for the start-up business.

From idea to Business Plan

You write your business plan and submit it to our office. We conduct a feasibility study with regards to the business plan. Once approved we move to phase 3, which is setting up business agreement.
Your business plan is a document (MS-Word file, or PDF document) in the English language and has to contain the following information:

  • Description of the product or service
  • Envisioned growth path
  • Calculation of the funding needed for the first year


Full-service office space is available in the strategically located municipality of Roosendaal, the Netherlands, geographically located between Amsterdam and Brussels.

Application review

We review your application. When approved, we setup a business agreement between you, the start-up entrepreneur and us. The agreement explains details such as funding of the business responsibilities of both parties and our stake in the business (max. 30%). The entrepreneur will always have a majority stake in the business, keeping you in control.

When both parties agree on the business agreement, we’ll prepare the paper work for submission to the Dutch immigration service (IND) and the Dutch chamber of commerce.


start your business in Holland



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