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You must have an employment contract valid for at least 12 months and a salary of at least 1.5 times the average salary set for the specific year (53 836,50 Euro gross per year, from 20/06/2016).

You must also have a university or specialised college degree showing completion of at least three years study. Alternatively, you can prove your qualifications by proving you have at least five years relevant work experience.


You must apply for a Blue Card at the French consulate in your country of origin, at the same time as you apply for an entry visa.

You are exempt from requiring a long stay visa and can directly apply for an EU Blue Card at the Prefecture where you live, on the conditions:

  • reside legally in France with another residence permit, or
  • have an EU Blue Card issued by another EU country where you have lived for at least 18 months. In this case, you must apply for a new EU Blue Card at the Prefecture in your place of residence within one month of your arrival in France.

Your employer must apply for a work permit from the Prefecture at your place of residence. The administration will check the employment contract against the conditions for issuance of an EU Blue Card and will also verify that the employer complies with labour regulations and conditions of employment.

Extended information can be found on Europe's Immigration portal

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