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It is not required for an employer to be recognised as a sponsor in the Netherlands.
In order to enter the Netherlands for a stay of more than 3 months, the employee will, in many cases, require a special permit called a regular provisional residence permit (also called MVV). The procedure will be slightly different than when no regular provisional residence permit is required.


Does your employee not require a regular provisional residence permit (e.g. because he has a Blue Card issued by another EU-country for at least 18 months) ? In that case, you directly submit an application for a residence permit. As soon as the IND has given notice that it will issue a residence permit, your employee may come to the Netherlands.

Does your employee require a regular provisional residence permit? Then submit a combined application for a regular provisional residence permit and a residence permit. This is the procedure for Entry and Residence. The employee must collect the regular provisional residence permit at the Dutch consulate within 3 months. After his arrival in the Netherlands, he may collect his residence permit within 2 weeks.

Extended information can be found on IND - European Blue Card

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