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The employer must apply for an employment licence with the employment bureau. The application will be considered from a labour market perspective, including:

  • The national situation regarding surpluses, or shortages in the particular sector.
  • The employer’s history and the situation in terms of recruitment and redundancy patterns.
  • Business investments.
  • Current contractual commitments.

Your skills level, experience and overall suitability for the position are taken into account. If you are applying for a highly-skilled job, you must have qualifications at level ISCED 5a, 6 or above, and the job must pay at least 1.5 times the average gross salary for Malta.

If the application is accepted from a labour market perspective, also key stakeholders, e.g. health and immigration authorities and other sector-specific authorities must present clearance.

Next step is to fill out CEA Form B (Non-EU), and submit this in person at the Evans building in Valletta.

Extended information can be found on Europe's Immigration portal

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