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The Network


EU Blue Card Network is a platform that enables European employers to connect with non-EU nationals to offer them employment and residence in the European Union on the EU Blue Card. The platform also provides functionalities to submit an application electronically.

Create your Account

Add information to your profile about your education, trainings and competencies. Your profile forms the basis of your application. Candidates are encouraged to complete their profile: it significantly increases their visibility with potential employers, and activates the online submission functionality. Attachments may be added to your profile, e.g. curriculum vitae (CV) and two educational or professional achievements. You have unlimited, secure access to your online profile.


Candidates have the role of completing and maintaining their online profile. Employers browse and search for candidates that match their requirements. When the right candidate is found, the employer contacts the candidate and initiates the interview process. The EU Blue Card Network is not an intermediate party in this process, it does not receive any commission or fee when a successful match leads to a job contract.


Your online account has the functionality to electronically submit an application. After you submit, we check if the application meets the specific requirements of the targeted country. If technically possible, the application is forwarded to the appropriate immigration service. Alternatively, we provide detailed guidance on how you have to proceed. This important functionality comes with a completed profile.

The Blue Card issuance procedure is defined as 'fast-track': when the application is accepted, the card is issued within three months by the immigration service. Exact processing time depends on various factors, such as the current backlog.

Safe and Secure

Security and privacy are a top priority. Profiles are stored on secure servers that communicate only via encrypted Internet connections. By default, profiles can only be viewed by employers who have successfully registered with us. Search engines, or any software that gathers online data, cannot index any data related to your profile.

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