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It is not required for an employer to be recognised as a sponsor in the Netherlands.
In order to enter the Netherlands for a stay of more than 3 months, the employee will, in many cases, require a special permit called a regular provisional residence permit (called an MVV). The procedure will be slightly different than when no regular provisional residence permit is required.


Your employee does not require an MVV if the person is a resident of Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Japan, Monaco, Vatican City, United States of America, or South Korea, or because the employee had a Blue Card issued by another EU-country for the term of at least 18 months.

Does your employee not require an MVV?
> Directly submit an application for a residence permit. As soon as the IND has given notice that it will issue a residence permit, your employee may come to the Netherlands.

Does your employee require an MVV?
> Submit a combined application for a regular provisional residence permit and a residence permit. This is the procedure for Entry and Residence. The employee must collect the regular provisional residence permit at the Dutch consulate within 3 months. After his arrival in the Netherlands, he may collect his residence permit within 2 weeks.

30% Ruling

As an expat working under on the EU Blue Card you can apply for the 30% ruling with the Dutch tax services (Belastingdienst). Important condition: during the two years preceding your application you lived at a location further than 150 from the Dutch border for at least 16 months.

Extended information can be found on IND - European Blue Card

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