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To work in Poland as a highly-qualified worker, you must obtain a residence permit for a fixed period for the purposes of highly qualified employment (the Blue Card) which is a single residence and work permit. To obtain this residence permit:

  • sign at least one-year long employment contract/preliminary contract.
  • have higher education qualifications,
  • have health insurance.


Your employer must apply to the Voivode (Polish Province Governor) for a work permit.

A labour market test may be conducted to show that no suitably qualified settled worker can be found to fill the job vacancy. The employer must also satisfy the requirements set out by relevant legislative provisions.

If there is no unemployed worker with the necessary qualifications for the job available on the local labour market, the employer may proceed with the recruitment.

Once you have obtained a work permit, you may apply for the residence permit.

You should submit your application to the embassy or consulate in the country of origin, or to your nearest Voivode (scroll down to Provincial (Voivodeship) Offices).

Steps to Follow for Blue Card Poland.

Act of 12 December 2013 on foreigners Poland.

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