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When applying for a work permit, it must be proven that: the salary, working conditions and other terms of employment are at least equal to persons already residing in Sweden.
From August 28th 2023, the salary threshold is SEK 57,450 per month.

Employer obligations

Your employer in Sweden will start the work permit application by creating an offer of employment. When the employer has completed the offer of employment, an e-mail is sent informing you how to submit an application for work permit.
Your employer must have fulfilled these obligations:

  • The position was advertised in Sweden and within EU/EEA and Switzerland for at least 10 working days.
  • Terms of the contract must be equal to, or better than those provided under a Swedish collective agreement or that which is customary for the occupation or industry.
  • Relevant trade union must have been given the opportunity to express an opinion on the terms and conditions of the employment.

Applying from outside of Sweden

In most cases, you file your application for your permit in your country of origin or residence.
The applicant may apply electronically at Migration Board Permit Unit- Blue Card section or with the Swedish consulate abroad. Your employer first creates and offer of employment

Applying from within Sweden

You can apply for a work permit from within Sweden in the these cases:

  • Student at a university or college in Sweden and have your student residence permit changing status to a worker.
  • Job applicant visiting an employer in Sweden and there is a high demand for labour in this particular job category.

The applicant may apply electronically at Migration Board Permit Unit.

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