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Europe Needs Talent!

The Blue Card Network is the platform for candidates to submit their blue card application and for European employers to recruit international talent.

Employers increasingly look beyond their countries' borders to find candidates, as the EU faces an ever increasing gap between the demand for skilled workers and the 'supply' of these professionals.

We Need You to Help Us!

Our challenge is to provide employers with ample choice in candidates. We have started an affiliate program that rewards affiliates for bringing in candidates; we call this our ambassador program.

Our brand ambassador program is designed as an affiliate program for you to provide as a service to your network of friends, family, and social media followers.

As an ambassador you recruit new candidates for the Blue Card Network. Whether you run a company in Kampala or you're a bachelor student in Mumbai. We need your help so our Network can offer recruiters the best possible choice in candidates.

The Ambassador program offers an attractive financial incentive.


Ambassadors earn up to 50% commission


Exclusive signup at ambassador site


100% Control over your own income

Get Started!

Sign up today for pre-approval and receive an email with details on the program. When setup is completed you will have your own site through which candidates sign up.

Any candidate that signed-up via your site will be associated with you, so long as that candidate is not associated to BCN or another ambassador from a prior purchase.

As an ambassador you are located in a country outside of the European Union; where most of our candidates are located.

For questions on the ambassador program, please contact


• What is my income potential as an ambassador?

• I am a student at a university. Can I recruit fellow students?

• How do I market my ambassador program?

• What is the financial incentive for an ambassador?

• How do candidates pay for premium service?

• Can I offer any other services to candidates?

• Which premium services are available to my candidates?

• Are there costs to participate in the ambassador program?

• What is my legal position?

About us

The EU Blue Card Network is the world’s largest Network exclusively targeting skilled and educated professionals. The Network has successfully found blue card employment for over 20,000 candidates.