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Working in the European Union

As a Network specialized in connecting EU employers with qualified candidates, we receive many questions from UK nationals as to whether the EU Blue Card is available in order to work in the European Union.
The answer: currently, it is not an option. Perhaps in the future.

When the brexit negotiations-result does not include an agreement on the free movement of people, and no other such arrangement has been agreed upon, then logically, the Blue Card would be available to UK nationals; as it basically is available to all non-EU nationals.

EU Blue Card

The EU Blue Card is a work- and resident permit for skilled/educated non-EU nationals. In order to be eligible for the Blue Card, one must have a employment contract -or binding employment offer- issued by an organization located in a blue card-issuing country.

25 EU countries issue the Blue Card. The UK, Ireland and Denmark have never issued the Blue Card.

Any news regarding brexit and the Blue Card will be published here.

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