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Citizenship by Investment: Malta

Affinity Group is a boutique Corporate Service Provider with offices in Malta, the Isle of Man, Cayman Islands and Florida.


Malta offers a high standard of living, with access to free healthcare and a Mediterranean climate. The country has a stable political, legal and economic environment and is a recognised global financial centre within the European Union. Malta citizenship provides access to visa-free or visa-on-arrival travel to 186 destinations, and the right to live, work and study in any of the 26 EU Countries, Iceland, Switzerland, Norway and Liechtenstein.

Malta has many attractive benefits for both individuals and companies, including no annual property tax, inheritance tax, estate duty, wealth taxes or property ownership tax. The Malta real estate is a profitable investment, with a 4-6% annual return on investment and 5-15% annual return on rental income. Affinity Group has relationships in place with the top real estate agencies, which have impressive portfolios of luxury properties. The country also has many other prosperous industries, including tourism, construction, fintech, egaming and maritime.

Affinity Group

Affinity Group offers a seamless experience to clients (and their dependents) with close support and expert advice through Malta’s Residency and Citizenship process.

Operating in Malta since 2011, the company holds a leading reputation, relationship with the Government and trusted network of intermediaries to support their services, providing clients with reassurance each step of the way.

A client will receive:

  • Close assistance through the Citizenship programme application process.
  • Bespoke consultancy on the clients circumstances.
  • Expert advice on the jurisdiction.
  • Liaison with Government bodies, lawyers, banks and relevant intermediaries.
  • Property structuring (if required).
  • Private wealth structuring (if required).

Supported programmes

The company can assist with the following programmes which offers the client various avenues to obtain residency and citizenship in Malta, including:

  • Malta Citizenship by Naturalization (CES)
  • The Malta Global Residence Permit (GRP)
  • Malta Ordinary Residence Programme
  • Malta Single Permit Application
  • Malta Permanent Residence Programme
  • Nomad Residence Permit

Affinity Group also provides assistance through various other citizenship programmes in Europe, including Austria and Turkey. If you would like assistance with citizenship or more information, feel free to contact Affinity Group below:

Citizenship by Investment