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To apply for a EU blue card you should meet these conditions:

  • Valid passport and a visa for the purpose of highly-qualified employment.
  • Valid work contract for a highly-qualified post for at least one year, guaranteeing that the salary is at least 1.5 the average gross annual salary in Greece.
  • Prove highly-specialised professional qualifications either through studies or professional experience.
  • Medical insurance


EU Blue Cards are valid for two years. If your employment contract has a shorter term, then the EU Blue Card is of the corresponding term plus three extra months.

Members of your family may accompany you, under the precondition that you can provide for them financially. Family members’ residence permits are issued within six months after the applications are submitted and of the same duration as your own EU Blue Card.

Article 29: Issuance and renewal "EU Blue Card" (Article 7 of the Directive)

Extended information can be found on Europe's Immigration portal - Greece

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